We did it people!

We hit that age-wave population data point faster than the Social Scientists predicted. There are more people over the age of 65 than under the age of 15, and that gap is growing.

We know realistically that there are worries, pain points and challenges for people, and society because of this fact. However, as Coaches, we know MORE about the possibilities and the development that people are doing in order to carve out their best 3rd Chapter lives!

There is a growing body of work– evidence-based research to support us in this life stage.

We are Professionally Certified Human Development and Retirement Coaches, and we are here to educate, inspire and co-create your Retirement plans with you.

Let us guide your exploration and development in these important LIFE DOMAINS:



is critical to our over-all well-being, and there are increasing hours of it in Retirement. What have you been longing to do, and what awaits to be discovered?


Learn what you can about the science of your aging body –also about the mental, emotional, and spiritual health knowledge available to support your whole self.


Purpose gets us up in the morning and keeps us feeling engaged and connected to life. Truly knowing your strengths, your values, and your gifts will help clarify your purpose.


Relationship dynamics are impacted by significant change and the increased time provided by retirement offers a great opportunity to develop the ones we value most.


Increasing numbers of older adults are choosing to work as a part of retirement. It is a chance to create meaningful work or to try something new.


Legacy is more than the money we leave to family or interests. Increasingly it includes planning how we choose to be remembered and the influence we can have on younger generations.

This is it– this is absolutely the chance of a lifetime to dream big, to learn, to apply a focus, to try– to maybe stumble a bit, to try again and to literally change the trajectory of the rest of your life!

Conscious Retirement | Purpose * Planning * Development
Ingrid and Lois are both Master Integral Coaches™ as well as Certified Professional Retirement Coaches.

Lois MacNaughton

For over 13 years I have been coaching people in transition. I have helped them develop new ways to create successful approaches to change in their lives. My focus has always been to support the health and well-being of the people I work with in a way that supports them in living a fulfilling life. I see retirement as an opportunity to design a way of life that is congruent with what really matters to us and allows for our increasing ability to manage whatever life may bring.

Ingrid Kihl

I have been working with people during all types of Career Transition scenarios for more than 15 years. I help people decompress from perhaps 25+ years of hard driving in their work. Then to reflect, assess, and plan their path forward. For the people who are considering Retirement, but not quite sure, we talk about how my mom sometimes drives the car – one foot on the gas and one foot on the brake! In our 3rd Act we can actively re-invent ourselves aligned to purposeful work; AND we can learn to be still – make space for our absolute, best version of ourselves to emerge for the next 25 years.