Our ability to understand the needs of our clients and our out-of-the-box strategizing makes us the very best at strengthening brand positioning, & innovative marketing. CuteGecko is based in the Kitchener-Waterloo area, offering a multitude of design &communications services to help build businesses.

You’ll find as you navigate through the site that we’ve got a lot to offer. If you’re in need of something you don’t see yet in our portfolio, don’t hesitate to ask – your project could be our next showcase!


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CuteGecko Inc. is creative design; the result of 12 years of experience in the new media, design & marketing industry. Our mission is to strengthen brand positioning through developing & delivering engaging designs & innovative marketing communications.

At CuteGecko Inc., we are passionate about creative design solutions. You might not think of cute geckos when you first think about design, but you will after working with us!


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