We have arrived at the intersection of longevity and work – careers may span 50-60 years – who is staying, who is going?

Currently our works systems are not set up for this dramatic shift in demographics.

Conscious Retirement is helping to create trusted dialogue between employees and the organization. Older adult workers need more insight into their strengths, purpose, and the legacy they would like to leave as they design their next chapter. Organizations need this information as well to design effective succession plans.

We design and deliver custom education and development programs to facilitate these discussions and planning.

Conscious Retirement offerings
Employer Benefits

What are the benefits for the employer in providing Retirement Life Design coaching for the employer?

  • It will position employers as thought leaders in the longevity economy.
  • Increase intergenerational cooperation – multi-generational teams outperform single-generational teams in productivity and engagement.
  • Education and Coaching could Increase retention of organizational knowledge and wisdom across Operations, Safety and Culture,
  • Retain wisdom workers through strategic initiatives around phased retirement and volunteer mentorship.
  • Coaching will assist employees in discerning whether to stay or exit. And if staying – how they will leverage their strengths to add value to organizational goal
Conscious Retirement Delivers

The following Offerings:

Envisioning Your Retirement Life:

For groups of leaders and/or employees to create awareness and provoke visioning about their coming retirement plans, specifically where ‘Work’ aligns in relation to important life domains of Purpose, Legacy, Relationships, Wellness and Leisure. (2 hours)

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Individual Coaching

3 one-on-one coaching sessions for fasttracking and customizing to the individual planning their next chapter (Three 1-hour sessions)


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Six Session Group Coaching

For individuals and/or couples to delve deeper into the domains of retirement and design a starting map for their retirement. (Six 2-hour sessions)


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Custom Sessions

We can design custom learning sessions to the needs.


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